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pondok gontor

Pondok Gontor

Pondok Gontor established on 10 April 1926 in Ponorogo, East Java by three brothers, son of Kiai Besari Santoso Anom. Three brothers is KH Ahmad Sahal, KH Zainudin Fananie, and KH Imam Imam Zarkasyi and then known as the Trinity term. At that time placed outside the boarding line modernization, where the boarding santri by smart people are considered a matter of blind faith but akan common knowledge. Trimurti then apply the new format and establish a hut with gontor maintain some salaf pesantren tradition and change methods of teaching which uses a system of boarding wetonan (bulk) and sorogan (individual) is replaced with a classical system such as public schools. Pondok Gontor initially have only Tarbiyatul Atfhfal (at the nursery school) and increased with the establishment Kulliyatul Mu'alimat Al-Islami (KMI), which is equivalent to the first secondary school graduates. In 1963 hut gontor establish Islamic Studies Institute Darussalam (ISID). Gontor not managed by the National Endowments of Figure pesantren alumni leaders and figures that matter as Islam Pesantren determines policy and its implementation to be run by three carers (Kyai), namely KH. Hasan Abdullah Sahal (Putra Ahmad Sahal KH). KH Sukri Zarkasy (son KH.Imam Zarkay) and KH. Muhammad Badri. Tradition of management by three carers to continue this pattern of Trimurti (founder). At the time of the year 1948 at Madiun MUSO the region has Karesidenan Madiun (Ponorogo Madiun, Magetan, Pacitan and Ngawi) membunuhi and many religious leaders, the TNI has been disabled by PKI, Pesantren Gontor diliburkan and santri and ustadnya Hijrah and pull troops from the pursuit MUSO. KH.Ahmad Sahal (alm) bo safely in a cave in the mountain area Mlarak. Cave is now called the Cave Ahmad Sahal. Kegitan Education Pesntren resumes after kondsi normal. Modern view of KH Ahmad Sahal, as the founder of Trinity's oldest and second adiknya the KH. Ahmad Fanani and KH. The priest realized Zarkasy also put in children than in the religious schools (pesantren) also in the public schools. Drs. H. Syaifullah Ali Sahal (alm) Filsafat UGM alumni and a University in Australia, in dosesn IKIP Malang; Dra. Hj. Sahal lecturers Rukayah IKIP (UMJ) Jakarta etc.. And of course be thought Endowments Board members at this time to realize such a Pesntren Gontor Al Azhar University in Egypt, which has a universtas various fields of study (Religion and Science and Technology) are based on Islam. In 1994 established a special hut for daughter KMI levels and higher education receive a special alumni KMI. Pondok special daughter occupy this land wakaf seuas 187 hectares. Located in the Village Sambirejo, District Mantingan, Ngawi regency, East Java. Now, a special hut daughter has four branches, three branches located in Ngawi and one branch in Southeast Sulawesi. Gontor up to now have 10 branches comprising of 13 campuses across the country and santri / santriwatinya reach 14,273 people. Unlike pesantren in general, the pengajarnya also berdasi long trousers and long bercelana.

Kulliyatul-Mu'allimin al-Islamiyah (KMI)

Secondary education is in Pondok Gontor which is equivalent to the junior and SMA.Masa study can be completed with four years or six years and Hours learning Hours study in the hut gontor started at dawn to pray at 04.30 and ended at 22:00. Hours study is divided into two parts: * Education of the formal start at 07:00 - 12:15 * Nurture begins at 13:00 Curriculum and Subject KMI curriculum that is academically divided into several areas, namely: * Arabic * Dirasah Islamiyah * Science Teaching and education psychology * English * Science Pasti * Natural Sciences * Social Sciences * Keindonesiaan / Citizenship. KMI share in formal education perjenjangan has applied since the year 1936. KMI has a regular program and intensive program. * Regular Program for graduates of primary schools and madrasah Ibtidaiyah with the study to six years. Class I-III at the junior high school and madrasah education Tsanawiyah (MTs) when referring to the national curriculum and class IV-VI equal to high school and madrasah Aliyah (MA) * KMI intensive program for lulusanSMP / MT be in the 4 years. * Arabic and English as a lingua franca set and language of education, except for certain subjects that should be presented with the English. Arabic santri meant to have a strong basis for learning because the religious foundations of Islamic law is written in Arabic. English is a tool for learning general knowledge. * Nurture santri field is dealing with extra-curricular activities and kulikuler. Each student must be for teachers to nurture the activities at the time of the class V and VI if you want to do to higher levels in the ISID, they will not be charged, but must teach the class I-VI outside the hours of study. * Training for teachers with additional material in accordance with the standards of national education. * Skills, arts, sports and does not enter into the curriculum but to be extra-curricular activities. * Students are taught untukbersosialisasi established community with its own hut in the use of organizations. Start from the head of the dormitory, the head of the class, the chairman of the group, organization ntra / extra shift to the head of the scouts. There are at least 1500 positions Keta who always rotate every year or every year.

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